Mandeville Cemetery

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Mandeville Cemetery, circa 1834. Bounded by Montgomery, Villere and Foy Streets and Little Bayou Castaine. A portion of this land was set aside by town founder, Bernard Marigny for this purpose. An additional section was purchased by the town in an 1877 Sheriff's sale, completing the 5 acre parcel. Though not officially established until years later, there are documented graves dating from the 1830s.

There is intricate ironwork, marble statuary and above ground tombs and cathedral vaults for which south Louisiana is renowned. One of the more elaborate of the cathedral vaults is that of the Prudhomme family associated with 2423 Lakeshore Drive and 402 Lafitte Street. Another is the cathedral vault of the Verret family. It was the patriarch Theodule Verret, an early mayor and civic leader, who built 2423 Lakeshore Drive in 1849, living there until his death.


Cemetery archeologist Joseph Yarbrough took an inventory of the site in 2014 and offers:

The oldest recorded burial is Louis Emile Dubourg, born in France, died in Mandeville on April 15, 1835.

Many of the engravings are in French reminding visitors that Mandeville was founded by a French speaker, populated by predominately French speakers until well into the 20th century.

The first Civil War soldier to be buried was Lt. V E Bourges, June 1, 1862.

Several Civil War soldiers died while at the Soldiers' Home. When their bodies were unclaimed by family, Dr Alonzo Givens provided for their burials in his family plot.

Four Civil War veterans buried here between August 1866 and February 1867 have gravestones identifying them as members of the CSA Louisiana Infantry. They are: John Mulhare, Thomas B Binney, Leopold Tringvilde and John Coustillon.

Of the 35 recorded burials occurring during the 1800s, one is an infant, Alonzo Givens buried in August 1870 and one a child, George Givens buried in December 1876. Their gravestones do not reveal their ages. They are perhaps siblings and sons of the doctor mentioned above.

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