Rest A While

2113 Lakeshore Drive. Rest A While. There are three surviving buildings of what was once a large complex:

The largest is the Frapart Hotel, built in 1880. It is the last surviving 19thcentury hotel building left from Mandeville’s golden age. It was known as the Margaret Rodd House for 100 years (1902 – 2005).

The center Creole cottage is one of three built by Thomas Hynes in 1850. These guest cottages accommodated vacationers arriving via steamer to escape the heat and disease of the New Orleans summer. The buildings were moved back to make room for the larger Frapart Hotel in 1880. Only one remains on the property.


In 1905, the Anderson family donated this expansive property to the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons. For over 100 years this site provided respite for the poor, particularly women and children. An early member and supporter was educator and philanthropist Sophie B. Wright. The third building, a Craftsman cottage, was dedicated in 1916 as a memorial to her.

Heavy damage to the property during Hurricane Katrina (2005) ended this long legacy of social good.

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