Ravine Aux Coquilles

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Ravine aux Coquilles (shell ravine). This small natural bayou is identified in the earliest maps of the area, long before the development of Mandeville. It figures prominently in the 1834 map that laid out the town by Louisiana Surveyor General and Marigny friend, Louis Bringier.

Bernard Marigny created a list of conditions that were attached to each sale of his Mandeville real estate venture. In a English translation one condition, the protection of the waterways, is laid out as follows:

' That Little Bayou Castain (outlet located in 1600 block of Lakeshore Drive) which serves to drain, will not be stopped in its course as it is also with the Shell Ravine in the width of at least 25 feet taken from their centers.'

Drainage and flooding, two opposing forces, continue to be major issues in this lake town, as Marigny understood almost 200 years before.

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