The Mandeville Protestant Church Society/Mandeville Bible Church

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211 Carroll Street. The Mandeville Protestant Church Society, circa 1876. Original founders: Charles Whiting, William Morgan, C M Leet and Dr Alonzo Givens purchased the land for the church for $100. According to church tradition, its construction was a community effort with Protestants, Catholics, Jews, whites and blacks contributing their time, talents, money and materials.

As the only Protestant Church in town for many years, other Protestant denominations were invited to use the building as they built their own congregations. In 1886, C H Jenkins built the belfry for the bell that is used to this day. Early photos reveal that the church remains relatively unaltered since the belfry addition.

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A second charter in 1951 created the Mandeville Union Protestant Church and a third charter in 1997 incorporated the Mandeville Bible Church.

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