Griffin-Raquet Bakery

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301 Lafitte Street. Griffin-Raquet Bakery, circa 1900. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its unusual overhang and original brick oven (now gone). The Griffin Bakery was a landmark in early Mandeville, a central gathering place for the community. The building was constructed in stages, and later linked together for the various purposes it filled throughout its 100-year-plus history.

The structure is thought to have been built originally as a general store by the Dutz Baudot family. In 1920, the Griffin family bought the property and built the bakery in the back.

"This was the second Griffin bakery in Mandeville," John Fineran said. "The first Griffin bakery was actually located across Lafitte one block closer to Lake Pontchartrain." In 1938, it was sold to another family and continued operation as a bakery.(St. Tammany Farmer, 1997)
In 1996 Mandeville resident John Fineran took on the task of renovating and restoring the building at the corner of  Lafitte and Jefferson Streets in old Mandeville.
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