City internet services have just been restored (for now at least) after being down since yesterday. This has precluded us from making Facebook and other social media posts. The city phone system has also been down, as well as cell phones. We currently have intermittent services with both. City e-mails are currently unavailable.

Below is a message from Mayor Clay Madden:

There are numerous trees and power lines down throughout the City of Mandeville. For the safety of our emergency response personnel and the safety of our citizens, PLEASE STAY OFF THE STREETS. Power lines may be intertwined with fallen trees presenting an additional potential danger. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to cut or handle a downed power line. For your own safety, leave this to the professionals.

There is no power in the city and all traffic signals are currently non-operable. Intersections with non-operable traffic signals must be treated as all-way stops.

CLECO is working on restoring power to the city but expect outages to last for several days.

There is water on Lakeshore Drive and on several streets in Old Mandeville. As of this writing, water is up 2 blocks off of the lake. DO NOT GO TO THE LAKEFRONT…. storm tourism will not be tolerated in any area of the city. Low tide occurs late this evening and we hope the water will continue to go down. A citywide curfew remains in effect until further notice.

City crews are working to clear roadways and restore lift station operations. Emergency contractors for debris removal operations are making their way to the city. If you are clearing your property, please bring all debris to the roadway shoulder, but do not block any roadside ditches. The city cannot go onto private property. Please call your insurance company for information on private property damage.

Coastal Environmental Services will be unable to pick up garbage on Wednesday due to roads being unpassable. They hope to resume garbage collection once the roads are clear and safe for drivers to be on their routes, perhaps on Saturday. Please stay tuned for updates.

To apply for FEMA assistance, please go to the FEMA website:

Tree removal permits are required and the city will waive charges. Tree permits are required to be sure the contractor is licensed and registered with the city. Please call our Planning Department at 624-3103 for further information.

The Parish 911 system is currently inoperable. To report damage, note our e-mail address has changed:

Thank you and stay strong. #MandevilleStrong

Mayor Clay Madden

City of Mandeville