To our Mandeville residents:
Power restoration updates:
Remember-just because I say an area is coming on does not guarantee your home will get power. Some will not be able to get power because a tree yanked their meter or lines and they will have to wait until main stations, lines, and transformers are repaired. Please stay patient.
Old Mandeville Lane-I spoke to West St. Tammany Electric, and your power should be restored in the next 24 hours.
The info I put out yesterday-some of it was held up by unexpected issues last night, but Lambert and Penn Street stations are coming on now-currently-this morning. This should restore power to some parts of Old Mandeville, even Lakeshore Drive and the Girod Street corridor.
Unfortunately, CLECO keeps identifying the Jackson Avenue area and the small Tanglewood subdivision as probably taking another 4-5 days due to intense damage.
Lakewood Heights, Golden Glen, Mariners Village, Magnolia Ridge, Kleber Street and New Golden Shores and some parts of Old Mandeville will come on today with the Lambert Street substation.
In the west, Cedarwood, Beau West, Beau Rivage, Heavens Drive and Chateau Village should come on today. Some parts of Fontainebleau, Lakeside Village and The Sanctuary will come on today.
Here are the areas I’ve asked for and CLECO at this time could not provide an accurate update-Woodstone, Weldon Park, Old Golden Shores, The Shadows, Castine Point. I’ve asked for updates, TODAY, for these areas.
Old Mandeville residents-it is hard to pinpoint certain areas since this is one big neighborhood that covers a third of the city. Some will get power restored today and some won’t. If you have a specific area or street, please contact me and I’ll ask.
The issue for CLECO-trees, trees, and more trees. Please be patient. Crews are working extremely hard to clear the trees.
Again, if you are not the city limits of Mandeville, I cannot speak to your area and I would suggest to call your parish council representative. Thank you. God Bless!
Please stay tuned for further updates. My cell is 985-630-8578. Thank you.
Thank you and stay strong. #MandevilleStrong
God Bless!
City of Mandeville