Unfortunately, we had a Mandeville resident injured last night in a generator fire. His house is now burned down and he experienced burns on his feet. I cannot stress the generator “RULE OF 20” enough! 20 feet from your house-20 minutes to cool down before re-fueling-$20 for a carbon monoxide detector. Please be careful when operating generators!!!
People have asked me about mail service. The post office at Hwy. 190 and St. Ann is open, operating, and has power. The best way to stay updated on this is Click on Louisiana and it will have a break down by zip code. I’m almost positive? that everyone in the Mandeville city limits has a 704 beginning zip code, which the website currently says is “operations suspended until further notice as facilities are being evaluated.” Stay on the website for updates.
The curfew will remain in effect for 10pm until 6am through the Labor Day weekend. I have allowed temporary signs (example: tree companies) to stay up, even though they are illegal. Neighborwoods and Paul Cordes Park remain closed. Curfew, signs, and park closures will all be re-evaluated Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning our Public Works crew and debris contractor will begin the removal of trees on city property and right of ways. Please be patient with us. Our crews have been working hard.
Our Planning Department will be open tomorrow, Saturday, from 8:30am to 2pm to service our residents for permits. The Planning Department will be closed on Sunday and Monday, but will take calls (985-624-3103) on those days. Especially in the case such as where there is a tree through someone’s house, the city wants to be sure residents use a contractor who is licensed and insured. The permit process also assists the city with required damage assessments. The tree permit process at this time consists of a simple confirmation of the contractor’s license and insurance. We fully understand the extraordinary circumstances everyone is experiencing and want to make the process as simple as possible. A phone call (624-3103) or e-mail to the planning department ( is sufficient if you are unable to come to City Hall. Please provide your address, a contact phone number, and your contractor’s information. Our staff is here to help and support you during this difficult time.
Please stay tuned for further updates. My cell is 985-630-8578. 

Thank you and stay strong. #MandevilleStrong
God Bless!
City of Mandeville