Hurricane Ida Noon Update, Saturday, August 28th,

Lake Pontchartrain storm surge is expected to be between 4-7 feet.
Mandeville could experience hurricane winds between 74-110 mph. Tropical force winds may arrive as early as tomorrow morning.
Please make sure your property and your construction sites are secure. City staff has been throughout the city enforcing and inspecting construction sites for safety both yesterday and today.
Based on the advice of my Mandeville Emergency Response Team (MERT), I am calling for a voluntary evacuation for south of Monroe Street in Old Mandeville starting NOW.
I want to remind everyone, if we experience sustained winds of 39 mph or higher, emergency services such police, fire and ambulance will cease.
I am imposing a curfew in Mandeville beginning at midnight tonight. Please stay off the streets unless it is an absolute emergency.
Please do not go to the Mandeville Lakefront. We are not tolerating storm tourism during this Hurricane Ida event.
We have created an email address for everything Hurricane Ida in Mandeville. The email address is Please send all reports of damage and other emergency requests to this email address.
Today is my one year anniversary as the Mayor of Mandeville. It is a pleasure to serve the citizens of Mandeville. My personal cell phone number is 985-630-8578. Thank you and stay safe.
Mayor Clay Madden
City of Mandeville