Water, Sewer, Garbage

Tuesday or Friday - Green waste
Tuesday - Recycle
Wednesday - Garbage is collected every Wednesday across the City of Mandeville.
DEBRIS PILES/GREEN WASTE:  Green Waste is picked up weekly. Residents may
call Coastal Environmental Services directly at 985-781-3171 to schedule a pickup for a large
pile of debris.
Green waste defined: Grass, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, Christmas trees, and tree trimmings
that are generated by a Producer and not by a third-party contractor or commercial tree
cutter. Tree trunks and limbs shall not exceed 50 lbs. in weight or 12” in diameter. Trees, limbs,
branches, etc. need not be bundled or tied. Leaves should be containerized or bagged. All of
the preceding in a pile not to exceed 15’ long, 6’ wide, and 5’ high.
Questions about starting new service? Please call City Hall at 985-626-3144.
Having a problem with garbage or need a special pick up?
City of Mandeville