Parks & Parkways Commission

Scott Discon - Chairman
Leslie Marcello - Vice Chairwoman
Eric McQuiston 
Lee Frederick
Anne Marie Fargason
Will Afton

Meeting dates

The Parks and Parkways Commission holds regular meetings on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. The Commission will meet next on May 2nd in person at the Mandeville City Hall Council Chambers, 3101 East Causeway Approach.

We ask that you please respect social distancing.

Agenda 5/2/22

Mandeville Parks and Parkways Commission provisions are outlined under CLURO Section 2.4

The annual Caladium Bulb sale will take place on May 7th at the trailhead. For more detailed information please click here.

Project List

Street Tree Planting Program:

The City of Mandeville offers a free street tree  for residents of the City.  This is an initiative under Parks and Parkway's Re-Leaf program.  The goal of this program is to encourage tree planting in the public space in front of the residence or business to restore Mandeville's tree canopy.  Up to four trees are available at no cost to residents, with an agreement to provide "after care" for the first two years.  If interested in this program, please click on link below for an application.

Street Tree Application (APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED)

Marigny Ave Landscape Project

GNOEC Under Pass Project

To view the plan please click here

Longleaf Pine Savanna Conservation Site:

The Wildflower Project is located in the "triangle" at the intersection of East Causeway Approach and U.S. Hwy 190.

The overall concept includes reestablishing a landscape on the area’s native ecosystem, the long leaf Pine Savannah and a native-plan community, consisting of native wildflowers. Overall, the plan includes planting of Longleaf Pines, Live Oaks and Red Oaks on the perimeter of the site and native wildflowers on the interior of the site.

The project provides over a hundred species of the native wildflowers.  This understory planting mix will undergo a transformative process in the first few years, as the native plants out-compete any weed establishment.  In lieu of the natural yearly burn cycle the local landscape originally thrived in, a onetime burn and a once per year cutback of the wildflower area will be the only long term maintenance commitment.  This may result in the area appearing "unkept” for the first few years; however, once established, this wildflower area will provide an appropriate beautification for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the Longleaf Pine Savanna please take a look at the links provided below

Click here to learn about the Conservation Site located at the East Causeway Approach and Hwy 190 intersection, and here to learn about the ecosystems of St. Tammany Parish

Click here to learn about restoration efforts taking place

Click here to learn about the Longleaf conservation teams across the United States

Click here to read about 2020 Restoration Initiative Accomplishments

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