A beautiful community is reflective of a strong, healthy place to work, live and play. KMB works hard to help keep Mandeville an aesthetically pleasing place to visit and live. Volunteers of all ages make Mandeville beautiful by planting trees, creating gardens, and maintaining green spaces.

In 2006, KMB completed a butterfly garden next of Mandeville City Hall. The garden was created as a place for respite and a relaxing environment for the community. In addition, the garden teaches about butterflies, its host plants and encourages planting of other butterfly gardens. Brochures identifying the host plants and butterflies are available at the garden site.

In 2009, a volunteer Lutheran Youth Group created a garden on the east side of Mandeville City Hall. The gardens make City Hall a more welcoming and friendlier place to visit and do business.

Things You Can Do To Help:

  • Volunteer to help plant, weed and mulch the butterfly garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Create a garden at your business or school.
  • Adopt a garden in the city and maintain it on a regular basis.

Call KMB at (985) 624-3164 or email kmb@cityofmandevillefor more information. The Beautification Committee is lead by Peg Usner and Mary Begue.

City of Mandeville