Public Works

The mission of the Mandeville Public Works Department is to provide progressive, community oriented, and professional services to the city while preserving and defending our unique quality of life.

The Department of Public Works accomplishes their goal by meeting these objectives:

  1. Keeping the city streets and drainage system in good operating condition
  2. Operating the sewerage and water systems in a safe, healthy and efficient manner
  3. Planning and constructing public works enhancements that will help to improve services to the city
  4. Maintain City parks, grounds and buildings

Keith LaGrange, Director

Public Works

Street Division Buildings & Grounds
Projects in Progress
Public Parks
Harbor & Boat Launch

Citizens requesting minor maintenance to city property or infrastructure may file a work order request:

  1. Report the requested work to the Public Works Department by telephone at 985-624-3169 during normal business hours of operation from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm weekdays
  2. File a work order with the Public Works Department on-line by Reporting a Problem via the online form.
  3. To report an after hours or holiday emergency, please call Mandeville Police Department at 985-626-9711. DPW crews are on-call 24-hours for emergencies.

Examples of service and maintenance provided by Public Works Crews:

  • Potholes in need of repair
  • Drainage ditches in street right-of-ways which are not flowing properly.
  • Water leaks
  • Sewer Stoppages
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