Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Employees of the City of Mandeville have an expectation to be treated with respect and dignity, and to work in a professional environment free of harassment and discrimination.   Left unchecked, harassment and discrimination, regardless of nature or degree, undermine the integrity of the employment relationship, debilitate morale, dedication and loyalty, compromise equal employment opportunities, and significantly interfere with the mission of City government.

The City of Mandeville strives to maintain a workplace that fosters mutual respect and promotes harmonious, productive working relationships.  To accomplish this, the City prohibits and will not tolerate sexual harassment or any behavior of a sexual nature that intimidates, exploits, insults, demeans, disrespects, or embarrasses any employee or other individual in the workplace.

Prevention and elimination of sexually inappropriate behavior requires the personal involvement and commitment of every City of Mandeville employee.   Unless and until management is apprised of its occurrence, corrective action to address such behavior cannot be taken.   Through this policy and related training requirements, the City seeks to reinforce its intolerance of sexually inappropriate behavior, and encourage employees who experience, observe or are informed of such behavior to promptly initiate the reporting process set forth in this policy.   Employees can be assured that the City will objectively and thoroughly investigate reports; implement preventive measures to protect against recurrence; impose corrective action to address violations; and protect complainants and individuals involved in the investigative process from any form of harassment, reprisal, or retaliation.

City of Mandeville