Boards & Commissions


The commission is to be compromised of no more than two (2) Council members to be appointed by the Chairman; three (3) Mandeville citizens with a background in finance, accounting, or business administration, appointed by the City Council; one (1) ex-officio member of the Administration who may be appointed by the Mayor; one (1) ex-officio Mandeville citizen member appointed by the City Council. All ex-officio members being non-voting members:

Clay Madden, Chairman
John Keller, Councilman District II
Frank Oliveri, Finance Director (ex-officio)
Robert Bohne                  term expires 10-31-2022
Charles Goodwin            term expires 10-31-2022
Vacant position -            Council appointee
Vacant position #2 -      Council appointee (ex-officio)



The commission is to be compromised of seven (7) members, five of whom shall reside within City limits. Committee members will serve for one year or until the Committee has completed its recommendations to the Council.

Lauré Sica, Chairman
Brad Del Rio
Karen Gautreaux
John Lopez
Carolyn Monteith
Brett Perry
Glen Runyon
Jay Seastrunk

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