City Council

Council Meeting Dates for 2021

Council Meeting November 18, 2021

Council Meeting December 16, 2021



To access ADOPTED ordinances and resolutions, please read the instructions below before proceeding to the online document search.

The access to the site requires the following username and password: (all lowercase)

Username: guest

Password: guest

Before you search:

1- if you do not know the exact name or number of the document, you can use partial numbers followed by an asterisk (*) in the search criteria. Ordinances and resolutions start with the year then the number. For example 20-15. Reminder, many ordinances are CLURO changes therefore the title is the change in the CLURO section

Example: if searching for an ordinance number you can use 20- (*). If searching by title you can use CLURO (*)

2 - To view documents you need to use internet explorer as your web browser


Any questions, please give Kristine Scherer a call at 985-624-3145.

City of Mandeville