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City of Mandeville

Floodplain Management Information
The Interactive Mapping tool allows you to plug in your address, see your prior elevation, your proposed elevation, and additional information regarding the process of adopting the maps.

Click here to use the Interactive Mapping tool to view flood map information.

Letter of Map Change

National Flood Insurance Program Support Call Center Information
NOAA Emergency Contact Information - Southeast Louisaina

Link to tidal gauges -

2018 Flood Hazard Handout
Resident Letter To Help Protect Your Structure
Protect Yourself With Flood Insurance
Realtor, Lender and Insurance Agent Flood Insurance Rate Map Zone Information Letter

Elevation Certificate Addresses Available for Review

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Flood Proofing Techniques, Programs and References (5/2000)
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Non-Engineered Opening Guide (1/15)

St. Tammany Parish Hazard Mitigation Update - 2015
St. Tammany Parish Hazard Mitigation Progress Report - 2018

2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan Implementation - CRS Progress Report available for view at City Hall
2016 Hazard MItigation Plan Implementation - CRS Progress Report available for view at City Hall
2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan Implementation - CRS Progress Report available for view at City Hall

New Flood Maps FAQs


When will the new flood maps become effective?

The new maps were effective May 16, 2012.

Where can I find my new flood zone?

The city has a link on its website to the Louisiana Mapping Project ( where the maps may be searched by address.

Will my flood insurance automatically go down once the maps change?

No, in order to lower flood insurance, residents will need to supply an updated Elevation Certificate from a surveyor that shows the new flood zone and base flood elevations.

Will residents who are mid-policy year when the maps change, be able to receive a credit or a refund on their flood insurance?

Yes, when the new information is submitted to the insurance agent by the homeowner, the company will make an "endorsement" on the policy. If the base flood elevation was lowered, then the policyholder will get a pro-rata refund.

What is a "X" flood zone and a "shaded-X" flood zone?

With the new set of maps, FEMA has changed the names of a couple of flood zones. The old "C" zones are now called "X" and the old "B" zones are now "shaded-X". There is absolutely no difference in the meaning, just the name changed. Neither of these zones are considered high risk, and neither zone requires the purchase of federal flood insurance.

My house is in 2 different flood zones, which one am I?

If 2 different flood zones touch a structure, the more hazardous flood zone will be used. For example, if a house is in both an "A" zone and a "X" zone, the "A" zone will be used to regulate the structure since it is the more hazardous of the two.

My flood zone is getting more restrictive - what do I do?

The city would like for homeowners to contact Nic Leblanc, the Floodplain Administrator for the city, in order to discuss your options in more detail. There are ways that you can be "grandfathered" into lower insurance rates, so please call at 985-624-3103.