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City of Mandeville

Department Staff Directory

City Council
Ellis/David - Councilman, District I
Keller/John - Councilman, District III
Madden/Clay - Council at Large
Pulaski/Mike - Councilman, District II
Scherer/Kristine - Council Clerk
Sica/Lauré - Council at Large
Cultural Arts & Special Events
Alexander/Arnita - Community Center Coordinator
Casborne/Alia - Cultural Development Director
May/Peggie - Keep Mandeville Beautiful Coordinator
Finance Department
Ball/Cady - Accounting Specialist
Oliveri/Frank - Director
Rahmel/Patti - Receptionist
Sides/Kathleen - Accountant
Human Resources
Anderson/Joanna - Assistant
Foley/Mike - Webmaster
Legal Department
Brant/Tammy - Clerk of Court
Deano/Edward - Attorney
Harrison/Paul - Asst. City Attorney
Richardson/deShea - Asst. City Attorney
Schmidt/Douglas - City Clerk
Mayor's Court
Borne III/Clayton - Attorney
DeSonier/James - Judge
Mayor's Office
Peachey, CMA/Marlaine - Executive Assistant
Villere/Donald J. - Mayor
Planning Department
Caraway/Debbie - Planner/GIS Administrator
Casanova/Catherine - Landscape & Urban Forestry Inspector
Endres/John - Planner Special Projects
Leblanc/Nic - Building Official/Floodplain Manager
Mormino/Bart - Plumbing Inspector
Reeves/Kathy - Permit Clerk
Scott/Louisette - Director
Spranley/Lori - Planning Secretary
Treadway/Ray - Electrical/ HVAC Inspector
Police Department
Ruple/Ron - Asst. Chief
Sticker/Gerald - Police Chief
Public Works
Adams/Stephen - Superintendent of Water & Wastewater
DeGeneres/David - Director
Kitchens/Hope - Department Director's Secretary
Lange/Christopher - Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
Mistich/Jan - Wetland Assimilation Program Coordinator
Siverd, Jr./Clif - Field Representative